3m Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall

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3m Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall

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Tenji’s 3m Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall

The 3m Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall is one of Tenji’s best selling flexad products. Each of the prints for these incredible walls comes printed full colour on our very own Stretch Fabric Technology. This means that you get the absolute maximum amount of design space on your wall. The Fabric Prints for the 3m Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall are printed in house at our Brisbane factory, so you are guaranteed to get the highest quality. Our prints always come out with beautifully bright and vibrant colours. So they are sure to make your logos, branding and even photographs look incredible. Our direct to fabric dye-sub printers ensure that you get the most detailed prints possible.

Incredibly Easy, Simple and Lightweight

The Serpentine Wall is also insanely easy to use, as all you need to do is click together the lightweight but strong aluminium frame together, slide the Stretch Fabric Print over the frame and zip it up. It is as simple as that! After you’ve zipped up your wall will have an amazingly smooth, tight finish. And it only will have taken mere minutes!

Because of it’s lightweight nature, you can easily manoeuvre your serpentine wall. This is so you can have the perfect positioning within your trade show booth. 

Completely Freestanding

Another awesome feature of the Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall is that it is completely freestanding, so you don’t need to attach it to anything. You also don’t need to attach any feet or extra parts to make it stand. You could even set it up in a mall environment with no need for any extras.

Quick, Efficient, Stylish!

The ease of use also extends to how easy and quick it is to pack up. To pack up this amazing system, simply slide the pillowcase-like print off, unclip all the aluminium poles, then place them into the ergonomic and lightweight carry-bag. The carry-bag that the Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall comes with is so incredibly light, that you can pick it up and carry it with one hand. This makes transport for the wall super easy and efficient.

Make sure to get your 3m Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall today so that your trade show booth gets that incredible, professional look that Tenji’s Flexad Tension fabric walls give!


  • Aluminium click together frame
  • Full colour stretch fabric print
  • Soft Carrybag

Sizing of your 3m Serpentine Tension Fabric Wall

Size: 2890mm wide x 2280mm high

Package size: 1 bags x 80cm x 35cm x 17cm – weight 10kgs

Please use the following artwork template/s to design the artwork for your product:


Upload your file in the Upload Artwork section on the checkout page to ensure that we receive your artwork.