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Tenji’s suspended tension fabric banners and ceiling displays are great option that increase your visibility at trade shows. Tenji’s Circular Tension Fabric Hanging Banners can be printed full-colour and are lightweight, easy to install and very impressive.

These tension fabric hanging banners are interesting and stand out from the rest of the advertising signage because of their nontraditional placement. Hanging from the ceiling, these ceiling banners come in various different shapes and sizes. Fabric hanging banners are used by companies to multiply their advertising efforts especially in competitive environments such as trade shows helping indicate the location of your trade show booth from any position in the trade show area.

Tenji’s Hanging Exhibition Banners can be used to advertise a product or a brand. All our hanging fabric ceiling banners come with instructions and rigging fittings for any show installers to use.

Can be printed either single sided or double sided. These suspended ceiling banners are frequently used in retail areas also with high ceilings to advertise a product or a sales event.

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