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3m Exhibition Package with case counter

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3m Exhibition Package with case counter

Tenji’s 3m Exhibition Package with case counter caters for exhibitors looking to fill their booth space with professional yet affordable displays. Choose from either a 3m straight wall or 3m curved wall or 3m serpentine wall.

Tenji’s tension fabic walls are made from a high quality click together aluminium extrusion which takes only minutes to set up. Why because you simply slide the stretch fabric print over the top or side and zip up at the bottom for a perfect flawless self tension finish. In fact they are the easiest backdrops to erect. Because of the click together frame anyone can put them together. This is a lightweight system that packs down into a tough case/counter with wheels.

How to take care of your prints:

If you need to take care of your media wall print, simply pop it into the washing machine with liquid detergent on a cold or warm cycle. Pop it back onto the frame to dry or dry out of the sun. DO NOT put into dryer because it will shrink.

What your 3m Exhibition Package with case counter comes with:

  • Any 3m FleXad wall,
    Curve, Straight or Serpentine
  • FA-CC1 Counter which converts to a carry case
  • Includes 2 of our FA-LED lights
  • All necessary single sided prints
  • Global Shipping Available

Make your Exhibition Booth Space standout from the crowd. Give it the wow factor completely by getting yourself one of Tenji’s Amazing 3m Exhibition Package with case counter. Guaranteed to give your booth space the modern, professional design that you are looking for.

Tenji can ensure perfect fitment and the option of super fast production times because our displays are printed and manufactured in house.

If you would like to see more options of our tension fabric walls or displays for both indoor and outdoor events check out the hundreds of options here https://tenji.com.au/

Please use the following artwork template/s to design the artwork for your product:





Uploading art: After placing your order and the order process is complete you will receive an email with a link to upload your art.