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Tenji’s Flexad Tension Fabric Samplers Counter is the perfect pop up counter for sampling, and attracting attention to your stand. These unique samplers counter assemble in minutes to Immediately attract customers to your trade show booth/Mall display with its unparalleled professional design. The Stretch fabric technology that has been utilised ensures that the Samplers counter is able to achieve an amazingly tight, smooth finish. The stretch fabric is printed full width and full height to maximise your design space, and comes with a zipper located on the back of the print to allow for ample storage space within the counter itself.

This stylish Samplers counter is designed with an extremely noticeable overhead sign that also comes printed on stretch fabric, this sign is guaranteed to turn heads and attract attention to your sampling stand. The Frame of this brilliant stand comes with four Aluminium click-together poles that give the Samplers great stability and strength. To further the quality of this samplers counter, an MDF Counter top and base. The overhead sign consists of another two high strength aluminium poles, and an aluminium click together square. to put the print in you simply slide the print over the square. You will not find a higher quality samplers counter system anywhere else on the market. The quality of these counters are complemented exceptionally by the ease of assembly, and lightweight nature of the frame.

The set up of the samplers counter is able to be completed within mere minutes, with next to no effort, and is able to be packed neatly and easily into a lightweight carry bag that is exceptionally easy to pick up and move around, making the Samplers counter the easiest system for you to use daily.



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