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Stretch-lite Portable Change Room Double

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Beware of imitations. Tenji Concepts designed and developed the Stretch-Lite Portable Change room double trade right here. Our prints fit perfectly guaranteed THEIRS DON’T.

Tenji Stretch-lite Portable Change Room Double trade

It is a unique stylish portable dressing room and has been designed specifically by Tenji to accommodate the growing demand for affordable change rooms that are super fast to assemble. Completely branded with a full colour stretch fabric print. Consisting of a lightweight but clever designed aluminum framework. Simply click together and combined with a stretch fabric “pillowcase” style graphic. Tenji’s portable change room is set up and ready to use in just minutes. Then once done pack it away into the small carry bag and be on your way.

Set up size: 1070mm wide x 1200mm deep & 2280mm high x 2

Package size: 102cm x 35cm x 15cm – weight 11kgs x 2

Where to use your Stretch-lite portable change room double trade

Tenji portable change rooms are a perfect way to allow your clients to try on your clothing, sports wear, swimwear, consumes, uniforms or simply a place for them to change. Perfect for pop up stores or trade show booth events, fashion shows, market stalls or conference rooms. Our stretch-lite change rooms fit under a pop up marquee too so you can use them anywhere you go. As you have read above Tenji Concepts invented the stretch-lite portable changeroom. With years of testing and changes to make it the perfect solution for you. Using 100% stretch polyester fabric and can be full colour printed, right here in our Brisbane factory and shipped all around Australia and the Globe. The stretch fabric is machine washable on a cold or warm cycle using liquid detergent. DO NOT use hot water or steam as this will stretch the fabric.

If you are not after a custom printed change room you can check out our plain black ones or patterned ones here

Tenji’s Double change room is two single stretch-lite change rooms pushed up side by side. Because of this they can be used as two individual single change rooms

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