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Freestanding Expo Archway Re-Print

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Freestanding Expo Archway Re-prints

Do you have one of Tenji’s Freestanding Expo Archway? Do you want a new print to fit it? Fear not we can help. 

Tenji’s freestanding expo archways are beautifully engineered and superior quality archways which taper in at the top part of the curve and because we print and manufacture them in our Brisbane factory you can ensure they will be of high Aussie standards. 

How to take care of your Freestanding Expo Archway prints:

If you need to take care of your fabric prints, simply pop it into the washing machine with liquid detergent on a cold or warm cycle. Just pop it back onto the frame to dry or dry out of the sun. DO NOT put into dryer because it will shrink.

We also have the options of new fabric printed skins for your existing frame just visit our Re-Print tab in our shop. 



Small Assembled Size: 2650mm(w) x 1000(d)(550mm at top) x 2360(h)

Large Assembled Size: 3600mm(w) x 1080(d)(550mm at top) x 2460(h)

We manufacture all of our Flexad Exhibition stands and walls right here in our Brisbane factory. Because of this you can be assured that all the prints fit perfectly, and that it is all the highest quality. So make sure that you get the BEST with Tenji’s Freestanding Expo Archway. If you are looking for a different shape Re-print click HERE.


Please use the following artwork template/s to design the artwork for your product:


Uploading art: After placing your order and the order process is complete you will receive an email with a link to upload your art.