Flexad Z13 Accessory Stand

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Flexad Z13 Accessory Stand

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The Flexad Z13 Accessory Stand attaches to any FleXad straight wall. this means that if you already have an existing straight wall from us, this will fit. If you wish to purchase this unit on its own, please note that it may not support itself. You will need to add the wall for it to attach to.

This display stand is the perfect addition to any of your Flexad Tension Fabric Walls. The Accessory stand is especially useful for displaying clothing items and other such products. This makes it super easy to show off your Items and keep you booth space organised whilst also being stylish.

The Flexad Z13 Accessory Stand is incredibly easy to use as well. This is because the stand is made from an extremely strong, yet lightweight aluminium frame. The frame sets up super easily with its click together technology. 

Once you’ve set up the frame, all you need to do is clip the top of the stand over the top of your Flexad wall. Simple as that!

You can now use your Flexad Z13 Accessory Stand to display your products and make your Tradeshow booth stand out!