COVID-19 Stay Safe Safety Sign

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COVID-19 Stay Safe Safety Sign

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COVID-19 Stay Safe Safety Sign

Do you have your Stay Safe Safety Sign in this crisis

COVID-19 Stay Safe Safety Sign – Safety Signs are crucial in any work environment, they prevent injury and ensure staff and clients are aware of the possible dangers or hazards ahead of the situation. Safety signs are important. People need them. Without signs, people would lack the necessary direction in times of crisis, also it is important for employers as they might find themselves in legal difficulties if any instances were to arise as a result of no safety signs being in place. By ensuring the workplace is well signed, you can help protect your staff and visiting clients, particularly members of the public, against the possible dangers that may not be noticeable. Less accidents reducing the risk to employees and visitors to your work place is the best outcome. Tenji have a wide range of safety signs for you to choose from and we are constantly adding new ones to work with the world crisis which is constantly changing daily to ensure you can create a safe, well identified work space or home office.

With the different options of Tenji’s safety signs there is no substrate that you cannot attach the safety signs to. Either choose a simple self adhesive sticker in 4 different sizes. Our self adhesive vinyl is super high tac and can be placed on most surfaces. Corflute safety signs are a light weight easy way of advertising the message, corflute is a corrugated polypropylene, a fluted plastic which is lightweight yet rigid making them easy to install yet durable. Polypropylene or PVC is another form of substrate for your safety signs, it is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications due to it being tough and robust form. 3mm aluminum safety signs are the perfect solution for outdoor use or wanting the signage to last for years.

Choose which size safety sign you require:

200mm x 150mm
450mm x 337mm
798mm x 600mm
1200mm x 900mm

Choose which type of safety sign you require:

Self Adhesive (sticker)
Corflute (square corners)
Polypropylene or PVC
Aluminium 3mm

To check out all of Tenji’s Safety Signs and the different types to choose from just click this link