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Aceno Medium Rectangle Flags Double Sided

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Medium Rectangle Flags Double Sided

Tenji’s Aceno medium rectangle flags double sided are printed true double sided and full colour. Meaning the flags read correctly on both sides and are not washed out on one side. Standing at a height of 3.2mtrs high any potential clients attention you are going to grab using Tenji’s rectangular flags. A great branding idea for both indoor and outdoor events or out front of your shop, perfect for small foot spacing allowing for a large impact at any event, 4 sizes available check out Tenji’s website for other options of sizes and shapes.

Which base to choose for your medium rectangle flags

Tenji’s double sided flags are simple to assemble, lightweight and extremely portable. Perfect to use and set up anywhere as we have 5 different options of bases. 

  • Ground spike base (for soft surfaces)
  • Heavy duty cross base (for hard surfaces)
  • Square Base (for soft or hard surfaces)
  • Wall Mount (must be fixed to a wall or hard upright surface)
  • Wheel Base (can only be used under a vehicle wheel)

All our bases come with spigots for your flags to sit on that swivel. The spigot allows movement of your flags causing more attraction to the passing people to your flags, this swivel also helps your flags to last longer too. 

Australian Made medium rectangle flags double sided

At Tenji Concepts we digitally print and manufacture in our Brisbane factory, this includes, printing, heat pressing, cutting, sewing and finishing our flags from start to finish, this allows for a quick turn around and beautiful photographic images and prints, we can also colour match any pms colour you choose or send us a sample and we can match it. We stock hundreds of rolls of fabric so we are never out of stock. 

Sizing for your medium rectangle flags

Stands 3.2mtr from the ground

Pole length 3.5mtrs

Flag Print size 600mm x 2900mm


  • Aluminium and fiberglass pole
  • Full colour double sided flag
  • Soft Carrybag

We manufacture all of our Flags and displays right here in our Brisbane factory. So all the prints fit perfectly. And has the option of very fast production times.

If you would like to see more options of our flags or displays for both indoor and outdoor events check out the hundreds of options here

For bulk quantities please email us or check out the other 4 sizes available on our Tenji’s website below

NOTE: All dye sublimated products are prone to fading. However we here at Tenji use the highest quality inks so you will get the longest time possible without them fading. The timeframe of which it takes to fade depends predominantly on the conditions they are exposed to. We have been specialist fabric printers for a long time and we understand that other suppliers may tell you their flags will last longer… Its false. Most of us are using the same methods for dye sublimation with some of us using a higher quality ink then others but with that said its not going to extend or reduce the life of a fabric print any more or less then the conditions its exposed to.

If there was an indestructible fabric and a fade resistant sublimation ink… we WOULD be using it… for SURE Generally the darker the colour the quicker it will fade. It really depends on where you are located and how the weather has been really. Eg flags used in VIC will last longer than flags used in QLD. One trick is to go with a lighter background and even if they do fade you can not differentiate if you look really closely. Alternatively have an image in the background rather than a block colour background.

Please use the following artwork template/s to design the artwork for your product:

kc – Rectangle-Flag-3.5-ds-1

Uploading art: After placing your order and the order process is complete you will receive an email with a link to upload your art.