5m x 5m Inflatable V-Tent

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5m x 5m Inflatable V-Tent

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Tenji’s revolutionary organic design of the V-tent guarantees brand exposure in a way that will make a difference. The V-Tents are lightweight and portable and opens the opportunities of catching the eye of your potential clients/customers, opening up an endless range of possibilities for your brand exposure.

The V-Tent gives you a more open space than conventional inflatable marquees with its super fast set up and pack down. Can be used at either indoors or outdoor events.

Comes with 3 full colour custom printed walls which means you create a look on each individual side of the V-Tent. Each V-Tent comes with removable walls, electric pump, abrasion resistant Leg material, Tabs for pegs and ropes, over pressure valves and one way valves for easy installation, remember once it has been inflated you close off the valve and walk away, no need for continuous pumps blowing. Standard pricing includes either black or white tube legs. Optional extra to upgrade to printed legs to match your walls.

Tenji’s Tube:

The inflatable tube component consists of an inner PVC bladder which is light yet strong. The outer fabric enclosing the bladder is made from high quality Dacron. Dacron is an abrasion resistant outdoor fabric which is perfect for this solution because of its strength under inflation and its lightweight. But add to that it looks super cool… Beware of imitations who will use PVC outer fabric for the tubes instead of Dacron. PVC will make it very heavy with large packaging and in high heat will melt and stick together when packaging ruining your investment (we’ve seen it happen) Dacron however is resistant to heat which is crucial when using in hot harsh Aussie summer conditions.

Comes in 3 sizes: 4x4m or 5x5m or 6.2m x 6.2m

The 4m x 4m x 2.9m high has a massive 2.4mtr wide entrance space between uprights and packs up to 55cm x 47cm x 47cm

The 5m x 5m x 2.9m high has a massive 2.5mtr wide entrance space between uprights and packs up to 65cm x 55cm x 55cm

The 6.2m x 6.2m x 3.3m high has a massive 2.5mtr wide entrance space between uprights and packs up to 75cm x 65cm x 40cm

Please use the following artwork template/s to design the artwork for your product:

5×5 INFT. V-TENT template

Upload your file in the Upload Artwork section on the checkout page to ensure that we receive your artwork.