2×3 SEG Popup wall (1506mm x 2240mm)

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2×3 SEG Popup wall (1506mm x 2240mm)

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The Ultimate in Popup Wall Technology

With fast turn around times our pop up walls here at Tenji Concepts give you the comfort of knowing you will get your display in time for your event always,  We have created The 2×3 SEG Popup wall is a stylish, simple and striking addition to your booth. Because our popup walls are made here in our Brisbane factory, we can ensure that our popup stands are the highest quality and best products in Australia.

Simple. Sleek. Strong.

Our Popup walls are by far the easiest displays to set up, as you can just pull the frame out and it automatically clips together. The scissor like framework gives it strength and a smooth gliding feel as you set it up. Once the frame clips together, just pop in your silicon edge fabric graphic and you’re ready to go. 

Fabric Print Options

We have quite a few options for you to choose from for your SEG popup wall here at Tenji. 

Front Face Only. – this includes a full colour fabric print which covers to front face of your SEG popup wall display. Sides of frame are visible. 

Wrap Around Edges and Front Face. – this option includes a full colour fabric print which covers both the Left Hand Side edge wrapping around the front face and continuing over the Right Hand Side edge. 

Three Separate Prints. – This includes 2 full colour printed Edge pieces one for LHS and one for RHS. PLUS a full colour printed Front Face print. 

Double Sided. – Includes full colour wrap around print covering both edges and Front Face. PLUS Front Face full colour print to cover the back of the frame. 


Choose your fabric

The two way stretch fabric that we use for the prints for your 2×3 SEG popup wall give the display a beautiful tight finish that everyone desires. Also here at Tenji our SEG walls are just that! Silicon Edged Graphic so the silicon wedges into the groove along the frame. Why is silicon edged graphics better than old style velcro popup walls? Well the silicon edges using a two way stretch allow for a perfect tension finish. With no ripples having the fabric sitting nice and flat compared to the velcro ones.  We also have the option of block out fabric which is fantastic if you are using the SEG walls in front of a brightly lit area. Tenji’s block out fabric although non stretch completely blocks all light from front angles or from behind eliminating any possible way of shadows. 

How your Tenji SEG popup wall works


On top of being eye catching, smooth and streamlined, the fabric prints we give you are super simple to install. They have been designed using our specialty SEG technology instead of the standard velcro, which leaves unsightly ripples and seams showing all over the print. Our SEG ensures that there are absolutely no ripples, and you don’t see any seams. Our triangular edge fittings are high tech and not like other popup walls out there in the market. The triangular edges insure that you do not see any shadows from the frame when the silicon edges are placed. Therefore the print actually looks like its part of the stand not just stuck on. SEG is simply silicon edging around the edge of print that slot into the frame of the pop up wall, an innovative new form of print installation that looks so much better than any other. 

The SEG print also means that your artwork will actually reach to every edge of the popup wall. So you get the most value out of your amazing display.

We’ve also included and awesome carry bag that the entire display fits into. You can upgrade to a carry bag with wheels, so you can roll it around with ease and style. Meaning that on top of being incredibly simple to set up, you can put it down and transport it just as quick.

How the connector clamps work

Did you know that you can connect your Tenji SEG popup walls to make different configurations such as attaching two walls to make one larger wall side by side, or double the height. You can even attach the walls together to make T-Shapes to use in larger floor spaces or attach a bridge to your stand. Check out the straight connector clamps, L-Shape connector clamps both inside and outside. If you would like to see other sizes and options of our SEG walls and package deals available check out our website https://tenji.com.au/product/seg-pop-up-walls/

Get the Genuine 2×3 SEG Popup wall

We manufacture each popup wall right here in our Brisbane factory. Because of this you can be assured that all the prints fit perfectly, and that it is all the highest quality. So ensure that you get the BEST with TENJI 2×3 SEG Popup wall.


The 2×3 SEG Popup wall comes to a size of 1506mm wide x 2240mm high.

Instruction sheet for internal shelves Product Information – SEG Shelf 2023

Please use the following artwork template/s to design the artwork for your product:


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