Car Signs

Why do you need it? We aren’t going to waste any space to tell you that. 15 years ago we may have told everyone about the benefits of vehicle signage and how it will help grow your business, but guys… these days if you don’t understand the benefits of it by now then you don’t need it.

What we will tell you though, is some details that show you why Tenji is the best choice, and maybe even give you some insights into what car sign options will be the best for you.

Why Tenji?

Machinery and materials….

Our late model Mimaki’s are the tried and tested printers that we use to ensure your vinyls are printed with impeccable vibrancy and quality. Mimaki are the most respected choice of printers for wrap work by so many sign shops across the globe.

Our choice of vinyls are based on what provides the best results, NOT based on whatever “under the table” deal a sign shop has with certain vinyl manufacturers. There are vinyl manufacturers who do certain products well and we are able to utilise different brands in a way that provides the best vinyl for any particular job without having to stick to just the one brand.


Over 20 years ago, our Director made the switch from being a Spray painter/Airbrush artist doing custom paintwork, including graphics and murals on show cars and bikes, to opening a sign business specialising in vehicle signage.

With a creative eye and technical hands on ability, the business quickly grew to become pioneers in the vehicle sign and wrap industry being the first in the area to start completely wrapping vehicles in printed vinyl.


With several trained installers on hand we have the ability to tackle large fleets, in fact we love it. Our factory also has the space to work on several vehicles at one time, we even have an abundance of private parking. On top of that, on site installations at your premises are no problem for certain types of jobs.

We also have in house designers who know how to design for wraps. In saying that though, we also have no issues with guiding your chosen designer to design it for you. Many of our clients are graphic designers, so we are always happy to build new relationships. And then there is our ability to help you get it designed through a service such as As much as most sign shops will tell you to avoid that type of design service, we on the contrary have no problems with it and can even help you create a brief. Talk to us about these options.

Quality control…

We are a substantial business built over time by developing systems and honing skills and we have many other lines to our business. We are not just a backyard sign shop, we are the real deal with major clients across the globe for our portable products as well as local clients for signage work. This means we understand what it takes for true quality control.

Honesty and Transparency…

With vinyl installs and design techniques there are ways to make vehicle graphics have the effect you’re after for a better price. Sometimes with other companies, you won’t know that they are taking these shorts cuts. Not that they are always bad shortcuts, it’s just that we believe you should know upfront what you are getting. WE give you the options and make it your choice. Talk to us about your design and find out how…