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The below design is purely an idea. It may give you an indication of what you can get for what price. The structure is a portable system using a tension fabric graphic. (the wood style is simply a timber pattern printed to fabric)

This system allows for a cost effective solution which can easily be setup, packed up and shipped

The price as explained in the email consists of the hardware and the printing. It does NOT include the flooring or the TV screens (it DOES include the mounting hardware for the Tv’s)

One of the things the brief mentioned is a doorway for storage. I have made this design so it would use a zipper in the fabric to access the inside instead of a doorway. If  an actual door is required then we may need to adjust price and design to allow for it.

Graphic templates will be supplied for your designer to create the print graphics. The below designs are just for visualisation purposes.

Please note: this design uses our standard SEG walls. Each wall can be moved to any position and they can be used individually as stand alone walls as well.