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 STenji’s Portable Sprout Counter

Tenji’s Portable Sprout Counter is the most efficient, fastest to set up and the most advanced portable counter that has ever been created. This amazing portable counter is so easy to set up. So the only thing you need to do is place it on the ground, then give the top a little nudge and the counter will automatically erect itself in literal seconds.

This means that there is essentially NO SETUP NEEDED, just pop it up and go. The reason this frame is so quick to set up is the specially designed pneumatic system that pushes the counter up using an air pump and scissor-lift style frame. This pneumatic Frame is extremely strong and can hold a substantial amount of weight whilst remaining completely sturdy.

The Sprout Counter comes with a stretch fabric print that stays fitted into the moulded plastic Base and Top. This stretch fabric gives the counter a sleek finish that gets the attention of every eye. The counter comes with a full colour print. So you can easily get all your photos, logos and branding on your counter.

The Sprout Counter packs down into a stylish, lightweight and ergonomic carry case, and has the smallest packaging of all the Portable Counters in the range. All you need to do to take the Sprout counter down is give it a nice, hard push downwards until the Top meets the Base. Its the Easiest, and quickest Counter to Use, set up and put down that Tenji offers.

Tenji’s Portable Sprout counter is the perfect counter for those who need a super fast, easy to use, lightweight and strong portable counter that will catch the eye, and impress everyone who sees it. Get your own Portable Sprout Counter today.

What your Tenji Sprout Counter comes with:

1 x Pneumatic Frame with mounded plastic top and bottom

1 x Stretch fabric full colour print

Soft Carry bag

Assembled Size: 700mm(w) x 400(d) x 930(h)
Packaged size: 8kg 80cm x 50cm x14cm

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