3m Straight Tension Fabric Wall

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3m Straight Tension Fabric Wall

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The 3m Straight Tension Fabric Wall is Tenji’s signature display system. They are by far one of the most popular items that we print and manufacture. The 3m Straight Tension Fabric Wall comes with a full colour stretch fabric print that is printed in house at our Factory in Brisbane. It can be printed with logos, photos or any other branding, with beautifully bright and vibrant colours. The Fabric print slides over the Aluminium frame of the 3m Straight tension fabric wall with ease, zipping up at the bottom like a large pillowcase to give the wall an amazingly smooth, tight finish.

The Aluminium frame that the 3m Straight Tension fabric Wall consists of is made with a simple to use click together technology. Because of this super easy system, the 3m Straight tension fabric wall is able to be set up ready to go in a matter of minutes. The aluminium frame is strong and sturdy, whilst remaining super lightweight. This lightweight nature of the frame ensures that you can carry around and manoeuvre the 3m Straight wall with ease so that you can get the placement of the wall perfect within your trade show booth.

To pack up your 3m straight tension fabric wall, all you need to do is take apart the aluminium frame, fold the parts up, and place them into the small, lightweight, ergonomic carry bag that comes with the system. This carry bag is super simple to carry around and transport, so you don’t have to struggle with packing up and moving a huge display.

Make your Trade show Booth stand out from the crowd by getting yourself one of Tenji’s Amazing 3m Straight tension fabric walls. It is guaranteed to give your booth space the modern, professional design that you are looking for.



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