610mm EC Banner

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Blurring the lines between a Roll up Banner Stand and a Tension fabric wall, Tenji has created the EC Banner, the unrivalled alternative to traditional Roll up banners that is fashionable and far more effective at drawing in the crowds. This groundbreaking display is also able to be used as a more affordable, yet equally attractive alternative to Tenji’s Straight Walls, for those who want the same stylish effects of the wall, with a smaller budget.  The EC Banner is guaranteed to make your advertising space stand out far more than any standard “run of the mill” Roll up Banner, and provide a more efficient and affordable option to the FLEXAD Tension Fabric wall range.

The Banners come in three sizes, 610mm, 850mm or 1220mm wide and are 2280mm high. These three different sizes can be used individually as an amazing independent display, or you can mix and match the three options to add a personalised touch to your displays.

This incredible new Option is the perfect midpoint for those who want more than your average Roll up banner, or want a budget suited alternative to the Tension Fabric wall.



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