New Original Portable Changeroom

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Tenji Concepts’ Portable Changeroom is the FIRST of its kind. Invented and created right here at Tenji, you can be assured that our Original Portable changeroom is the absolute best on the market. Beware all other imitations, as the prints that they give you will not fit nearly as perfectly, whilst the prints for our Portable changeroom are GUARANTEED to fit perfectly. Unlike the imitations, Our Original Changeroom uses specially designed BLOCKOUT Fabric that can be completely branded with your logo’s, photo’s and colours, whilst ensuring that you get complete privacy.


  • High durability lock together aluminium frame
  • Full colour Blockout fabric prints
  • Full colour printed curtain
  • Roller Carrybag
  • Global Shipping Available

The Original Portable Changeroom is Developed by Tenji Concepts.



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