Along with a printed instruction sheet that comes with most of our products we have a range of videos below which may assist with the setup of your products or may help explain the setup process before purchasing.

Modular Changeroom set up video. Setup time is between 15-30 minutes. Heavy Duty Aluminium frame with full colour graphics

Our most popular product the tension fabric straight wall. Setup time is approx 10 minutes or less with practice.

Tenji Concepts Stretch-Lite Change Room set up video. Set up time is approx 5-10 minutes.

Setup video for curved tension fabric walls. setup time is approx 10 minutes oir less with practice.

Our Outdoor A-frame signs. These Fabric A-frames set up quickly and are perfect for use at any outdoor event.

Tenji’s OL-Series is a simple, elegant add on wall which connects to your existing or new Straight Tension fabric wall to add depth and give it that extra wow factor.

Flexad Podium Counter. Packs down into a handy carrybag for ease of transportation. Sets up in 5 minutes.

Samplers Counter. Developed in house by Tenji. Perfect for tasting promotions. Set up time approx 10 minutes.

Tenji’s Sprout counter is the fastest to put up and simplest to use Portable counter in the range. Just place it on the ground, give it a nudge, and away you go!

Tenji’s Portable case counter holds a standard 3 metre tension fabric wall easily. Converts from a hard style, wheeled shipping case to a stylish counter that is fully branded and comes with stretch fabric.

Counters with Shelves. Packs down into a handy carrybag for ease of transportation. Sets up in 15 minutes.

Tension Fabric Archway. Custom sizes available. Set up time approx 15 minutes.

Oval Counter. Our lightest counter which is quick and easy to set up. Set up time approx 5 minutes.

Branded Ipad stand which is light and easy to transport after packing down into a carrrybag. Sets up in 5 minutes.