Tension Fabric A-Frame 2mtr

Tenji’s 2mtr wide Tension Fabric A-Frames are the perfect display for any event, whether you are using it to add to your exhibition booth or to advertise during outdoor events.  Each A-frame comes with full colour stretch fabric prints both sides and a sturdy aluminium frame that all pack easily and nicely into durable and fashionable carry bag.

Frame size: 2000mm x 1000mm

Package size:800mm x 350mm x 190mm

  • Aluminium click together frame x 2
  • Full colour stretch fabric print x 2
  • Carry-bag
  • Global Shipping Available
  • Pegs
  • (optional)Sandbags



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Tenji’s 2mtr wide Tension Fabric A-Frames are the perfect choice for any event. Whether you have an indoor booth space that needs to be filled with a stylish and contemporary display, or if you have an outdoor event such as a festival, these easy to use A-frames will suit all occasions. Each of these Fabric A-Frames come with full colour stretch fabric prints on both sides. The click-together aluminium frame that the A-frame is made of is very easy to use, extremely lightweight and durable ensuring that the A-frames are ideal for use outdoors as well as indoors. The frames are highly efficient and take only minutes to erect and disassemble. The Frame and the print both pack down easily and efficiently to fit into a tough, durable Carry bag.  Each Fabric A-frame also includes multiple eyelet tabs located along the bottom, this allows you to use the included pegs to secure your A-frame to the ground. This ability to secure the A-frames to the ground allow them to be used in areas that may have higher wind.  These Fabric A-frames are sturdier than your standard pop-up A-frame, which means that it can be used in a far wider variety of situations, and give you more value for money. Through the use of stretch Fabric that has been tightly fitted over the frame, the A-frames achieve a flawless finish and a professional look that will set you apart from the others.


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