portable dressing room

Portable Dressing Room Pattern print

Our Stretch-Lite Changeroom can be completely branded with your logo’s, photo’s or colours. Or choose from a range of generic patterns.


  • Aluminium click together frame
  • Full colour stretch fabric print all round
  • Full colour printed curtain
  • Carrybag
  • Global shipping available

Developed by Tenji Concepts.




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Beware of imitations. Tenji Concepts designed and developed the Stretch-Lite Portable Change room right here. Our prints fit perfectly guaranteed THEIRS DON’T.

This unique stylish portable dressing room has been designed specifically by Tenji to accommodate the growing demand for affordable change rooms that are super fast to assemble. Consisting of a lightweight but clever designed framework which just clicks together combined with a stretch fabric “pillowcase” style graphic this changeroom is set up and ready to use in just minutes. Then once done pack it away into the small carrybag and be on your way.

This item is printed as per the above produvct photo. If you are looking for a changeroom printed with your branding and design on find it here


Please use the templates below to design your artwork. If you have any trouble just ask us, we are here to help.



You can upload your artwork to our Hightail link below. No registration is required.


Of course not everyone has the necessary programs or design capabilities. If you need help with graphic design just email us and we can quote or recommend a good graphic designer for you.