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Tenji’s FLEXAD Rectangle Case Counters are the perfect display for those who need a stylish portable counter display on the go. The Case Counters come with a sturdy frame consisting of high quality roto moulded plastic for the case, and strong, lightweight aluminium poles that include an additional crossbar for increased stability. Coming with a high quality stretch fabric print that is full colour and is printed full width and height, the end product gives a beautiful, sleek, professional appearance. Packing down to create an erganomic carry case, you an use it to store up to a 3m FLEXAD straight wall and 2 LED lights, on top of the counters own frame.

When you’re on the move, these counters are the ultimate solution to make your trade show stand out.

Assembled Size: 930mm(w) x 310(d) x 980(h)
Packaged size: 96cm x 33cm x 51cm
weight depends on the contents.


  • Roto moulded plastic case that converts to counter top and base
  • Aluminium frame w/ crossbar
  • Full colour fabric wrap around print
  • Global Shipping Available



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Tenji’s FLEXAD Rectangle Case Counters are the answer to your needs for an on the go portable counter.

This style of Counter provides a dual use as a stunning counter with a beautiful elastised stretch fabric print, and a sleek, professional carry case. The FLEXAD Case Counter frame is made of high quality roto moulded plastic for the case, and strong, lightweight aluminium poles.

The frame of this portable counter now includes aluminium crossbars to provide maximum strength and stability. This makes sure that the quality of our products are far above all others by eliminating swaying and instability. The high quality stretch fabric print that comes with this portable counter is printed full colour, full width and full height. In doing this, the Case Counter provides the largest possible space for your design to be seen. The edges of the print are lined with stretchy elastic that can be easily pulled over the frame and gives a smooth, tight and professional look. The versatile Case Counter can also be used with your own print or wrap such as a banner or a laminated poster instead of the fabric print.

When packed down into Case form, the Case Counter is able to be moved with ease. This is due to the compact user friendly design of the portable counter. The inclusion of wheels and a carry handle give the ability to move it without the need to carry the weight.  The Case Counter is designed so that it can store not only the inner frame of the counter, but also can comfortably fit up to a 3m FLEXAD straight wall and 2 LED lights within. So this portable counter makes the perfect display for those who need an efficient system when on the move.

With its great design, easy assembly, and smooth finish, this portable counter system will give your trade show booth the professional edge it needs. Order your own custom printed Case Counter today.



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